Waffles in North Park


Im GUILTY. I must confess something.. I went on a date with another person besides the love of my life, Dex. Shh, dont tell on me. I quite enjoy dating this other guy and I’ve been taking him out on dates for four years now but I always seem to be the one to pick up the check. But before you judge me about my commitment decisions, ill let you in on a secret,


the guy I’ve been taking out on dates?… its my little one! My ever so eager “Mommy- take- me wherever -you -go -please- because- if- I- could- I- would- just- super glue- myself- onto- your- thigh- mom” 4 year old. I’ve always made it a point to take my son out on dates because my own mother always has and every date with her has always left me with this warm fuzzy special feeling that ultimately transcends into the foundation of good communication between parent and child.


With Paris blasting in the background, I started my engine and my little half and I made our way to North Park, San Diego. We were headed to Wow Wow Waffle Sd. I had seen posts about it on instagram and I just had to try this place out


On the corner of 30th and …. ah, I cant read the other street name. Well just google it, you’ll find the street, because thats how we got there (Thank you Google Maps!). I parked the car and looked for the infamous Laundromat that hid the secret side alley to Waffle Heaven.

IMG_9457 IMG_9429

Found it! Looking for this place was half the excitement and walking in (oh my!) I felt like I had just walked through the wardrobe in Narnia and here I was about to enter a foreign land that held so much promising ooh’s and ahh’s.

In sum, I was ready to get MIND BLOWN.


The alley way immediately had me going “aw<3”, the interior and seating placements and decorations were adorable. The vibe it emanated was laid back in a “total come on in and make yourself at home” kind of way. After all, they are serving waffles, Belgian Waffles, how much more “at home” can you get?


IMG_9449 IMG_9451

For those feeling a little shy or out of place, have no fear! Ordering is simple, take a gander at the waffle menu on the left and find the best combination of toppings that best suits your mood for the day. And for refreshments, I suggest you try one of their fresh lemonades! Order it in the Mason Jar, the serving is huge, its tasty, and you just won’t regret it, I promise.

We decided to go with the whip and fruit with a pineapple passionfruit lemonade in a big ole’ mason jar



Besides the obvious sweet toppings, they have waffles with avo and candied bacon (yum!), tomato, avo, sea salt, and eggs with waffles. My favorite side that they had for the waffles was the scoop of cinnamon spice ice cream for only a $1!

IMG_9439 IMG_9432

 I also had the pleasure to meet and speak to who I believe is the husband of the owner of Wow Wow Waffle. He was kind enough to tell us the preferred way to eat the waffle, pizza style, grab, hold and bite down. But I had to go with the unconventional way, a fork and knife to aid me. I figured the proper way of eating it would get too fun for my 4 yr old, so fun that he might just end up with the whole waffle stuck to his shirt via the whipped topping.

Oh & here’s the featured mason jar I was telling you all about! I asked if I get to keep it or if I had to chug down the whole thing before returning this little (it wasnt little, i mean HUGE) pretty thing back. I was so happy with the answer I got, I GET TO KEEP IT! Yes!! I got to friggin’ keep it. And it gets even better!


For $5 bucks I could bring back my mason jar and get it filled with any drink I wanted at WWW and at their Farmers Market on Thursdays! I just found myself another reason to drive up there on Thursdays now. I knew I made the right decision to go for the Mason Jar. Woohoo, go Me.

Heres a few more pics for you to drooool over



IMG_9435 IMG_9441


IMG_9444 IMG_9443

So whenever you feel like having a waffle to brighten your day, head over Wow Wow Waffle in North Park! You wont regret your visit and remember looking for this place is half the fun!

IMG_9448 IMG_9447




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