Fish Tacos at an Oyster Bar


Last week I found myself at a local spot falling in love (all over again) with the best $1 dollar fish tacos in town


Accompanying me was my little 1/2. During the days that my bigger better taller half is at work, my little one trudges along willingly to try new places and to (sometimes) rekindle the romance with local foodie spots i’d been in love with before!


So..What is this place called? The answer to that is, TJ Oyster Bar and no, you wont be needing your passport to enjoy their seafood delicacies!

You can find this little hole in the wall type of restaurant tucked away in the heart of Bonita, Ca. For those of you San Diegan natives (and to those new in town to explore) this place is located right before The Plaza Bonita Mall and their prized gem are their fresh fish tacos served up for only a dollar everyday! They even make it right in front of you, how cool is that.


The tacos are fried to a crisp and put on a bed of shredded lettuce with fresh tomatoes and topped off with a secret white sauce that brings all the flavors and textures together. Whenever I go, I like to ask for a little bit of extra white sauce. And for the finishing touch, I never miss adding a squeeze of lime


And of course it wouldn’t be called TJ Oyster Bar if they didn’t serve oysters right? Fresh Oysters are served right from the shell or cocktail style. On this particular day, I decided to try something a little more daring, so I ordered the Stingray Machaca Tostada


It was the first time that Ive had Stingray and I thought I’d fall in love with it but sadly I think I expected too much. I didn’t hate it but I think the taste just didn’t sit right with me… and finding myself in a state of distaste I decided to order more


Fish ceviche on a crispy tostada finished it all off for me. With just the right amount of lime and an overheaping amount of fish, I washed it all down with an ice cold Horchata. My mouth waters just thinking about the perfect balance between the cinnamon rice drink (Horchata) and the sour taste of the fish ceviche.



IMG_9175 IMG_9171


The next time your around the Bonita area, whether you’re visiting the local indoor mall or out hitting a few golf balls around the range, try to stop by and check out TJ Oyster Bar. Their fish tacos are a doozy!



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