The Lost Files

Its been months since Ive last blogged… admittance of that not only makes me feel guilty but also a lot disappointed in myself. I could say that life got in the way and the whole latter half end of every year is filled with birthdays, celebrations, and constant deadlines for me. But thats no excuse, I must be adamant with my consistency to continue this blog no matter life’s distractions. Stumbling upon The Minimalists blog ( I found a link to the 15 reasons ( why to blog, ultimately breathing life and inspiration back into my writing veins. Long Story Short, were back in business baby!

I may have stopped writing within these past few months but I never stopped taking pictures of my food. Its an obsession really. My camera roll nearly almost never has room for new pictures because I took pictures of last nights dessert from 15 different angles. What can I say, confessions of a true foodie!

Heres a compilation from the past months lost files of food. Enjoy!

1. Carnitas Snack Shack        (Hillcrest/ North Park area)


 IMG_7455 IMG_7445

This place is built around a shrine for the majestic and savory animal, The Pig. There’s literally nothing you could go wrong with ordering here. Wait, is that two double negatives? You get the point, Its Delicious and if you haven’t eaten here it safe to say You Truly Haven’t Lived Yet.

2. Eastlake Food Trucks        (Eastlake, Chula Vista) 




If you google it, you’ll find theres a gathering of food trucks at Eastlake every Wednesday night. Pictured here are Garlic Fries smothered in Parmesan, this is the right way to do summer in SoCal. Food trucks, eat at one, they’re taking over the country!

3. Hammonds Ice Cream Shop        (North Park)


White Chocolate Ginger w/ Toasted Coconut and Blueberry Ice Cream



On this day I opted to try something out of the comfort of my taste palette, thus I ended up with White Chocolate Ginger Ice Cream. I don’t regret getting it at all. The Ginger helped to balance out the sweetness of the White Chocolate Chip. Each lick felt refreshing, these two flavors combined is pure genius. I loved every drip of it.

4. Bronx Pizza     (Hillcrest)




You won’t stop at one slice, I can bet you that. My personal favorite is their thin crispy crust pizza oozing with mozzarella and feta cheese with a touch of garlic. I love lots o’ cheese on my pizza and this place never lets me down. Thank you, Pizza Gods.

5. Extraordinary Desserts        (Little Italy, Balboa Park)


Is it sad that I only have one picture from this place? Even if Ive gone a ton of times?… I always manage to scarf down whatever we’ve ordered before I can get a good picture of it. Pictured here is… (lost files, remember?) … some kind of chocolate mousse cake with a meringue top. All of their cakes are decorated beautifully with flowers, petals, and gold shavings. Its a sight for sore eyes. My personal favorites are the Passion Fruit Ricotta Cake and the Shangri- La. Both are very fruity and light. Keep in mind, the Little Italy location has an extended menu if you’re looking to eat something other than sweets.